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    A fresh approach to learning and teaching.

    TESOL courses and qualifications

    A fresh approach to learning and teaching.

Choose your own path in TESOL

At English for Asia, we specialise in TESOL qualifications and TEFL courses that enable you to upskill and quickly reach your goals as an English teacher. Join a live workshop, choose a self-study TEFL certificate or take one of the most recognised full Trinity TESOL certificate qualifications. These are all available fully online and we also have blended study options (part online, part in-person) for those who can attend our TESOL centre in Hong Kong.

We are one of Trinity's largest TESOL course providers in the world, and the only dedicated TEFL/TESOL centre in Hong Kong. We are also the Trinity National Representative for TESOL, ESOL and Drama examinations in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China.

Take your next step

Our mission is to make you an effective and skilful teacher who will have a positive impact on your learners. Remember those awesome teachers who stood out and made a difference when you were at school? No matter which route you take, our team and trainers will do everything they can to ensure you can become a memorable teacher (for the right reasons!) to your future students.

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