• Teaching English to Young Learners

    Build confidence in the areas of classroom management, materials design and teaching methodologies in the context of young learners.

    Teaching Young Learners

    With content adapted from our Trinity TYLEC qualification.

Teaching English to Young Learners

This specialist course is designed for teachers who want to develop their knowledge and practical skills in the context of teaching English to young learners from primary school age to teens. It provides practical guidance on classroom management, materials design, and the theory of language teaching to young learners.

  • 20 hours
  • Fully online, self-study
  • Suitable as a standalone or post-certificate course
  • Materials adapted from the Trinity TYLEC course 
  • Typically takes 2 weeks to complete
  • Accessible for 3 months
  • HK$1,200 (approx. US$154)
  • Start today

Developed by renowned trainers who also deliver the Trinity CertTESOL and TYLEC, and containing content adapted from our Trinity TYLEC qualification. 

This self-study course contains material adapted from our Trinity TYLEC qualification. Get some insight into what you can work towards from these past trainees sharing their experiences on the full TYLEC qualification: 

Is this the right course for you?

This course is for you if

  • Your initial training focused on adults and you are finding it challenging teaching younger learners.
  • You are a teacher who wants to improve your knowledge and practical skills in teaching English to Young Learners.
  • You want an introduction to what a Trinity TYLEC qualification may involve.

This course might not be for you if

The course offers an excellent extension to the CertTESOL and CELTA for teachers looking to teach young learners. 

Our typical trainees include

  • New teachers or those looking to transition from teaching adults to teaching young learners.
  • Experienced teachers looking for professional development.
  • Primary school teachers who want to introduce play-based learning and communicative approaches into their English classes.
  • Trinity CertTESOL or Cambridge CELTA graduates looking for specialist training in teaching young learners.
  • Graduates of our 40 and 60 hour TEFL certificates who want more in-depth training on teaching young learners.
  • Teaching assistants considering a career teaching young learners.

Course content and structure

This online self-access course will

  • Help you develop the key skills needed to teach English to Young Learners.
  • Cover the teaching of all four language skills - speaking, writing, listening and reading.
  • Look separately at vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.
  • Help you build a bank of valuable ideas, strategies, tools and resources for effective young learner teaching.

You can progress through this course at your own pace, watching videos, listening to podcastsobserving trainerssharing ideas with peers and completing reflective tasks. There are short quizzes within the course, but these are not as rigorous as those on the Trinity TYLEC, and there is no teaching practice. 

Completion of all course material is required if you wish to be awarded a certificate of completion.

Digital credential

Complete the course

After completing all of the course modules, you will need to take the final test. You will need to achieve a score of 50% or higher to complete the course and receive your digital credential. You can retake the final test up to two times (three attempts in total), and you can revisit any sections of the course to study up on questions that you find difficult.

Instant, verifiable credential

If you successfully pass the final test, you will immediately receive your digital credential. Your digital credential includes an e-certificate, which can be downloaded and printed, and a credential badge which can be displayed on your social media and LinkedIn profiles, allowing you to showcase your achievements.

Our credentials are incorruptible digital certificates encoded on blockchain, to ensure they cannot be altered or copied by anyone and can be easily verified by institutions. We use the same credential issuing platform as leading universities including Harvard, Oxford, Berkeley, and Johns Hopkins.

Our tutors

Appreciates a good bottle of wine

Kevin Clare

Course Director, DipTESOL Trainer

Dedicated to animal welfare

Maria Björning-Gyde

CertTESOL and DipTESOL Trainer, Course Writer

Personable and always curious

Karin Xie

ESOL Academic Manager (China Office), CertTESOL Trainer

Enjoys reading mystery stories

Lora Guo

Examinations Manager

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