• Courses for students

    Courses for students

As well as our world-renowned teacher training options, English for Asia also offers English programmes for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and English lessons for learners aged 16 and over in both Hong Kong and Macao. 

For schools in Hong Kong

We offer a range of age and level appropriate programmes and NET services to cater for the needs of learners in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools in Hong Kong. Our courses use modern communicative teaching approaches and TESOL methodologies to help learners of all levels and abilities to develop and improve their English communication skills. We engage learners through stimulating and challenging activities and tasks, motivating them to participate and learn.

  • Designed with a local focus
  • Aligned to the Hong Kong curriculum
  • Comply with EDB suggestions and directives
  • Available term-time or summer
  • In-person delivery at your school or fully online using Zoom
  • Always-available support through WhatsApp and email
  •  Learn more on our Hong School Programmes website

Free classes for adult learners (16+)

Improve your English and build confidence communicating with our in-person (in Hong Kong) and online small group English lessons. Classes cover speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and pronunciation. All lessons are observed by master teacher trainers who are accredited by Trinity College London.

You can attend in-person classes at our learning centre in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong or online classes using Zoom. Classes typically take place Monday to Saturday in one hour slots between 9:00am and 12:30pm Hong Kong Time (GMT+8).

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