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Teaching Tenses in English: a complete guide

What is the difference if someone says ‘I have lived here for five years’ or ‘I have been living here for five years’? If you are reading a newspaper article and the writer states ‘an agreement has been reached’ rather than ‘an agreement was reached’, why did they make this choice? Why do we sometimes use the present tense to talk about the future… ESL activities, Careers in TESOL, Teaching skills

TESOL / TEFL Certificate options during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

2020 was a year of change for everyone. Due to the Covid 19 situation, all of the Trinity Cert TESOL courses at English for Asia are currently online. Saying this does cause some confusion and misunderstanding. Despite the change in delivery, the number of contact hours remains the same as when the courses are conducted face-to-face at… All categories, Careers in TESOL, Certificate courses

Does a TESOL certificate actually help in the real world?

What’s the point? How is this going to help me with a class of kids who won’t talk or don’t want to learn? Why should I do this? How is this related to real teaching? These are just a selection of questions people have raised about aspects of the Trinity Cert TESOL, either commenting on blogs or during information sessions. It’s not unreasonable… All categories, Certificate courses, Careers in TESOL

From side-hustle to career: start teaching English in 2020

When I graduated from university and took on a 10-month teaching contract at a college in Guangzhou back in 2009, I never thought that teaching English would turn into a long-term career path for me. I originally planned to spend a year teaching abroad to gain work and life experience, as well as use the time to figure out what I wanted to do.… All categories, Careers in TESOL, Certificate courses

Breaking the Myths of Online Learning

Despite becoming more and more popular in recent years, there is still a certain stigma attached to online learning. Even in this digital age; the idea that face to face learning is somehow superior to e-learning is a commonly held view. “I much prefer being in a real classroom with other students and a real teacher” is something I’ve heard… All categories, Careers in TESOL, Teaching skills

Quack Quack: don't 'wing it' as an English Language Teacher

If it quacks like a duck …  it might be a duck, but then again it might not. Someone speaks English, they can teach English … or so the perpetuated myth goes. The answer though is probably not, but they could with the training and making the personal and financial investment needed. Another way of looking at it is this.… All categories, Certificate courses, Careers in TESOL

5 ways the DipTESOL will take your TEFL career to new heights

Many teachers consider doing further qualifications to improve their teaching knowledge and skills, but sometimes it can be difficult to choose which course is right for you. For those of you that already hold a Cert TESOL (or equivalent) certificate and have at least two years of post-cert experience, you may know about the Trinity… All categories, Careers in TESOL, Diploma courses, TESOL Masters

Teach English Overseas: travelling the world with a TESOL umbrella

Having lived and taught English in Asia for the past twenty years, I've been in classrooms with 1-2-1 lessons, taught business English to high flying execs, phonics to 3-year-olds and pretty much everything in between. My experiences have taken me from classrooms to conferences, blackboards to Interactive Whiteboards, pencils to padlets and books… All categories, Careers in TESOL, Certificate courses

Top 10 Interview questions to identify great English language teachers

It is a common misconception that people who grow up in English speaking environments are automatically qualified to teach English. If you are recruiting teachers to work at your centre, here are some key questions that will tell you more than you think about prospective teachers. Register for our next Teaching skills or CertTESOL Taster Workshops… All categories, Careers in TESOL

Overcoming self-doubt as a non-native English teacher

Teachers and teacher trainers, native speakers and non-native speakers alike, although having some of the best qualifications around, still have the odd stumble and doubt their language ability. Doubts can arise with vocabulary, grammar or pronunciation. I've noticed this happens more with non-native speakers like myself. I hold a… All categories, Teaching skills, How to..., Careers in TESOL

Expat guide to living and teaching English in China

Have you considered living and teaching English in China? What things would you need to consider before you decide to pack up your life and move to the most populous country in the world? The first thing you need to decide is where you would like to live. China is a vast country and is as diverse as Europe, in terms of terrain, cuisine and… All categories, Careers in TESOL

5 Proven methods that help teachers connect with young learners

Most young learner teachers will have one of those classroom memories that haunts them. It could be a crying toddler who shouted continuously in want of a parent or another teacher non-stop for an hour. It might be the class of 12-13 year olds you thought were going to lock you in the cupboard if you turned your back for too long. It may be that… All categories, Careers in TESOL, Teaching skills, Five ways to